1.   Do you provide a standard warranty? 2.   What is covered by the standard warranty? 3.   What is not covered by the standard warranty? 4.   Do you provide an extended warranty? 5.   How can I get warranty services?


1.   Can I use other capsules with the CBTL™ System? 2.   What kind of beverages can I make with the CBTL™ System? 3.   How do I prime the machine? 4.   How do I clean the machine? 5.   How do I de-scale? 6.   Whom do I contact if I have questions about my CBTL™ System? 7.   My machine is not working. What do I do?


1.   What capsule varieties are available? 2.   What kind of coffee and tea do you use for your capsules? 3.   Can I open the capsules? 4.   Are your products kosher and halal? 5.   Can I use the capsules more than once?